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Courier (BTS & CTS)


is a full fledged system for managing cargo\courier operations. The system is feature rich, menu driven, user friendly and has components for managing all the aspects of small or large Cargo\Courier Operations.COURIER is a distributed dis-connected system which is designed on the principle that a Branch/Franchisee, in a Cargo\Courier company's network, should be able to continue its operations whether connectivity to the Central Server is available or not. As and when connectivity is available the system self synchronizes. The data transfer mechanism is designed to be fault tolerant and is capable of transferring the data near real-time over low-bandwidth commodity internet connections.

The primary components of COURIER are as follows:

  • BTS - Branch Tracking System
  • CTS - Central Tracking System
  • Synchdb - Synchronization Tool
  • Mobi Track - Mobile Application
  • Webtrack - Web Tracking System

BTS - Branch Tracking System


Branch Tracking System has all the features required for the branch operations in a cargo\courier company. This system will be used to manage branch operations i.e. pickup, delivery updation, tracking, scanning, attendance system for branch employees. The system has a large number of reports for monitoring and controlling day to day branch operations. It is having capability to handle multiple products like Documents, Non docuemnts , Emotional Products, etc.

CTS - Central Tracking System


Central Tracking System is the central server component of BTS which acts as a central repository of all the data of the cargo\courier company. This is the database system on which tracking of consignments is done, customer reports are generated and internal reports for monitoring and controlling the company operations are generated. The design of the database is such that it is configurable as per the needs of the customer. Management of master data is also done on the CTS system.

Synchdb - Synchronization Tool


Synchdb is a state-of-the-art synchronization engine that continuously synchronizes the branch data with the central server with a miniscule lag in time between the branch entering the data and it getting reflected on the central server. The synchronization technique used in Synchdb allows updates to be reflected on a near real-time basis without the costs associated with a dedicated connection. The greatest advantage is that the branch can continue with its operations even when the connectivity to the central server is unavailable. During the unavailability of the connectivity the data synchronizations stops but resumes as soon as connectivity is up, without any user intervention required. The system is also highly fault tolerant.

Mobi Track - Mobile Application

Mobi Track

Mobi Track is the updation tool created by Bserve using state-of-the-art technology to update the Delivery Information as well as to capture the Signature Image and POD Image through Android Mobile. Delivery Information and Images will be captured in the real time at the Central Server.User can view the POD Image and Location of Delivery through Query Viewing System.

Web Track - Web Tracking System

Web Track

Web Track is also the central server component of BTS which provides the option to public to view the status of their consignments/parcels through Courier Number or Customer's Reference Number. Webtrack is having the capability to provide the Login id to It's Customers with the facility of generate the reports , downloading the reports, etc, apart from this it is having the capability to provide the customized reports based on the Customer requirements.